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Each quiz question gives a description of an animal and then students must guess what animal it is. Read the descriptions of the mystery animal, discover its name and draw it in the mystery box!

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In this engaging animal crossword activity, students complete a crossword by describing and guessing different animals.

Guess the animal by description. If you think you know enough to be able to guess an animal correctly based on just a couple of hints, then take the quiz and prove it! Here´s a set of 18 cards with the description of the animals. Each set there are 12 animals.there are more sets of them.

Find the answers to all the current level packs below in this name that! A) it´s a cat b) it´s a zebra c) it´s a lion d) it´s a bird. This animal lives in the jungle.

Has a big horn on the front of their head. I have sharp teeth and claws. Usually these riddles give some description and it is up to you find which animal is the answer to.

By macarenam this is a vocabulary and production worksheet aimed to children and beginners. I like to chase mice. The answer to that would be a panda.

I live in the woods. A small animal with fur, four legs, a tail, and claws, usually kept as a pet or for catching mice Vocabulary worksheets > the animals > describing animals > animal description game.

I have a big nose, a little tail and four legs. They must give their classmates clues as to what animal it is: Here are some rhymes that i made up about animals.

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2) what animal is it? It a large dorsal fin and two pectoral fins. Have a good time trying to solve animal riddles.

I'll give you a brief description of an animal. Guess the animal from the description. Tall animal with a long neck.

Nature > animals submitted by: Students fill them with the information about any. It a black and white mammal.

I'm very big and furry. We’ll be putting that to the test today as we give you some hints as to what animal we’re thinking of and expect you to be able to tell us exactly what animal it is! A) it´s a snake b) it´s a bird c) it´s.

They take cards one by one. Quiz | animals | easy english quiz. I like to eat fish and berries.

Guess the animal based on a really old description of it | mental floss. 1) what animal is it? Your job is to choose the animal that best goes with he rhyme.

I'm a soft and furry pet. I have four legs and a long tail. One student takes a card and reads out the description, other students try to guess the animal.

There are 10 questions and answers. This easy english quiz is a ‘what am i?’ quiz about animals. Read and write the name of the animal.

It a very big and heavy animal. Able and ready to use, to guard his. See if you can choose the correct animal from the choices given.

Runs around in a wheel. It intelligent and it can be very dangerous. This animal lives in china and at the zoo, and loves to chomp on bamboo.

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One more set of cards with blanks is provided. It fish and other marine mammals. In two groups, students invent and write down clues for the animals on.

A warrior amongst the flowers, he bears a thrusting sword. _ qu_ _ _ b_ _. Set about animals where ss in pairs (face to face) read the description in order to other guess the animal.

It a long tail, small eyes and a very big mouth. Enter an answer into the box quiz by pennyfox. Guess the animal give students an animal flashcard or have them take one from a bag.

D) it´s a zebra 3) what animal is it? It is great to review animal vocabulary in english with beginner esl students.

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