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I had a mother and 4 kits living in a tree close to the porch. The classic ‘raccoon steals cat food’ video is even better with a voice over.

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Your feeder should also be enclosed with a waterproof roof to keep the cats and the food dry.

Raccoon stealing cat food voice over. This is a serious risk if you’re yet to vaccinate your cat. Feed your cat inside where bandit can’t get to it. A hungry raccoon has developed an ingenious way to feed herself and her babies by stealing cat food then knocking on the homeowners glass door to demand more.

Cats will know what to do. Aside from the fact that raccoons steal cats’ meals, they are also notorious rabies carriers. Spooky moment raccoon reaches its hands through the gaps in decking to steal kittens' food.

Make sure that feral cat(s) eat food, despite raccoons and possums feeding on it as well. Omg superfunny video of raccoon stealing food in front of kitties with voice cover 100% hilarious!!!! Now for pet keeper responsibility lecture.

Two kittens were joined by a bold raccoon sticking it hands out of wooden decking and stealing cat food from their plate in dothan, alabama Garbage bins and bringing outdoor pet food inside overnight. Feed them early in the morning or at odd times during the day to cut down the chances of the raccoons to steal your cat’s food.

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While most raccoons are more active at night, female raccoons with young, like this little girl in our yard, will be out searching for food anytime of day. If you haven’t seen it, get ready to experience it in all its glory, but as an enhanced version. Leave the food out on the floor for a week, and place a trail camera nearby to monitor who is feeding there.

You wouldn’t want a wild animal getting into your house. Fences are an excellent deterrent. Omg superfunny video of raccoon stealing food in front of kitties with voice cover 100% hilarious!!!!

Pick the perfect time to feed your cats. The raccoon family i had living in my yard didn’t exactly “steal” the food that i was putting out for a feral cat that had been coming around. Homeowners will mostly hear raccoon noises at night.

When the cat moved away. Then when cats already know the spot of food. Raccoons eat your cat when they have other food resources around them, and in some cases, they will quarrel with your cat and fight for territory.

Use a normal tone of voice, as if speaking on the phone. Raccoons do not scare easily, and are quite happy to protect “their” food from creatures as large as a bear. “the smell of cat food can attract other cats, dogs, raccoons and even coyotes.

Cats are one of the greatest threats to wildlife in. Raccoons use over 200 sounds for communication and are capable of emitting a wide range of. Plane crashes into road and explodes.

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With almost 7 million views to date, we’ve all pretty much seen the “raccoon steals cat food” video from a few years ago. Raccoons won’t just target your cat’s food. Viral videos of raccoons stealing cat food or cat food look cute and funny, but the reality is that if something like this happens to you and your cat, you will fight with your hands.

When her young are ready to leave the nest, we may see them during the day as well. Invest in a sturdy fence. A snake swallowing a crocodile.

The mom would wait until the cat finished eating. It slid its hands through the crevices of a wooden deck while staying hidden underneath. I used to feed the stray cats outside and the raccoons and possums would always show up, but after the cats were finished.

There is a myth that raccoons seen during the day are rabid, but this is untrue.

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